Balanced Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

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The most common problems for small businesses might apply to you. Here’s a list to review

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Mindful Marketing Solutions

web content imageGreat content separates valuable information from simple noise. It engages the reader and invites them to interpret the content as it befits their business. Too often content is nothing more than regurgitated opinions and rehashed data, cleverly crafted by a wordsmith to appear fresh. Instead truly new content captures important components from viable resources, and then customizes the collection and positions it within the key messaging of a client.

Content should be delivered in the proper format. This might be as simple as a multi-part blog, or as complex as an e-book. Most of all content needs to be relevant to both the provider and the reader. It must cause the reader to ponder the information, regardless of media. Likewise, content needs to be presented in the way that makes the most sense for today’s busy business decision makers. Whether it is a 30 second video, a 500-word blog, or a 140-character tweet, in the end all the content provided must support the overall brand message, increate the value of the company identity and inspire trust and confidence in the content provider.

Mindful Marketing Solutions (MMS) has over 30 years of experience in creating relevant, contemporary content that embraces the diversity of devices, platform, media and the people who use them. MMS starts by developing an understanding of the clients’ solutions, target market and goals. We then use our time-tested best practices to recommend the right tools, timing and media to deliver a well-crafted message that can be built upon week after week, month after month, year after year.

Problem ThoughtsEvery successful business needs an identity. The smallest mom-and-pop shop selling hamburgers is able to compete with the more established (and familiar) brands by offering a unique experience. They become the “best little hamburger place in Austin”, by catering to the unique wants and needs of local consumers. They integrate a specific Texas flair into their products, which makes them preferable to the fast food purveyors, and continue to generate business despite the onslaught of the “patty kings”.

Mindful Marketing Solutions (MMS) sets out to differentiate businesses from their competitors by creating a unique buyer persona (the target buyer), whether they are offering legal technology solutions, accounting services, running shoes and anything that could be considered a business-to-business transaction. We investigate the competitors, analyze their offerings, develop a plan which identifies their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. From this, we create a boiler plate statement which explains succinctly what the business does, why it’s a leader, and a clear contender for the buyers’ budget. We help design logos, using color palettes that reflect the best tone for the targeted buyer. We recommend website themes that provide a simple but effective navigation, with an eye on engaging the visitor to read blogs, attend webinars, and download whitepapers, because it all points back to the brand identity. We’ll recommend the best website domain name from available choices, in order to make an instant link between the imagery, the cyber presence, and the actual business solutions.

MindfulRecent statistics suggest that with the advent of the smartphone, people are checking their communication links more than 50 times a day. Whether it’s email, Facebook, text messages, Twitter, or a dozen other applications, we are all connected – all the time. Standing out in the crowd of different applications and platforms is not easy, and it takes a partner who understands how different audiences relate to different communication tools.

Mindful Marketing Solutions (MMS) creates strategic planning for communicating on a schedule that makes sense, and drives engagements. Rather than rely on so-called experts, MMS tests how and when your buyers are most likely to read a tweet vs a blog vs a video. We develop solid communication schedules to take advantage of announcements, changes in trends, and new solutions that your clients want to know about. Our goal is to help your business be recognized not only as a subject-matter expert, but as a resource for what others are doing in your industry, and how they are adapting to changes which might affect you or your clients.

For example, engaging like-minded clients with webinars that showcase your solutions to their business problems creates a virtual team, all providing input. They become invested in how they influence the go-forward plan, and are likely to be your in-house “champions” to help get a proof of concept deployed. We help create an ongoing communication plan between your clients and your developers, engineers and other stakeholders, and provide a mechanism for constructive feedback.

ContentSocial media has become an absolute must have for any business to increase their market share. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, or any of the other up and coming alternatives, social media is a core component of any marketing plan expecting to be successful.

At the same time, those social media components must have regular and ongoing care and nurturing. What’s the right schedule for you to update Facebook, create a blog on LinkedIn, or Tweet or ReTweet on Twitter? How can you manage all of those platforms and be consistent and responsive to comments and feedback? How are you growing the RIGHT followers, get more “shares”, and increase your footprint in the social media community?

The answers are complex, and the management can be intensive if you’re trying to do it all alone. Mindful Marketing Solutions (MMS) leverages the latest tools in the marketplace to build out a logical schedule of automatic postings. We focus less on followers, and more on transactions that result from the social media investment. What’s the value of 10,000 followers of <1% are actually generating a lead? MMS makes the process of integrating social media seamless, with monitoring to convert clicks to customers.

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Mindful Marketing Solutions (MMS) can help define what are the best ways to garner new business. First, we believe that the best source of new business is thru referrals from existing, and happy clients. Then, whether incorporating discounts, trade show event special offers, or downloads of “behind the wall” content, all provide means to collect new contacts, sign-ups for newsletters and emails, and unique proposals. We don’t support using the word FREE as it diminishes the value of your brand, but alternately providing a no-charge assessment with a value, works better. It proves that your time is valuable, and we’ve developed multiple programs to help drive your brand, your identity, your content so it is front and center of the right decision makers.

A key to business development is thinking about what constitutes success. By working backwards from the end goal, we can create a workable marketing budget that tracks and measures results, allowing for changes in the event a better choice for budget spend comes along.

MMS partners with you and your sales team to define your buyer, their pains, their potential solutions, and how to be where they go for advice, information and building confidence in choosing you over the competition. Best of all, we built a plan based on what you can afford, and squeeze the most ROI for every dollar you invest.

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