Life. It’s all just Marketing….

A Friday afternoon Summer Musing.... Summary: Marketing has become a non-stop process in a world of 24-hour cable channels, mobile devices and smart phones. I confess to having a bit of a dual persona, having spent my work life in both sales and marketing careers. I thought I’d take a look back, share a little personal history, [...]

Discounts for legal work? How did this happen?

Summary: There's more than pure technology to help drive costs out of legal work. Here are a couple I have recently studied and feel confident they work: There was a time, not so long ago. Law firm clients, especially those on retainers or simply long-term relationships, submitted bills for their time doing legal work. There would [...]

The Great Marketing Misunderstanding of 2016

There was a time, not so long ago, when marketing essentially meant advertising. Let’s face it - the marketing mix didn’t have a lot of mixers. Sure there were different places to put print ads. Who remembers the Yellow Pages, or the local “Pennysaver”? As someone born and raised in New York. The TV spots [...]

The Obscenity of Ramsonware

Winter 2016 Midnight Musings - Summary: In recent months, more than a few friends who, because of my tenure in the IT industry, assume I am their personal tech support, have gotten nailed by what is colloquially knows as Ramsomware. In most cases, these situations could have likely been avoided, but for the casual trust we [...]

Clean Marketing

Winter 2016 Midnight Musings - Summary: As marketing in general, and IT specifically, continues to evolve beyond web sites, email, social media and the rest of the marketing mix, could quiet be the new shout? Relax, I don't plan on selling LEGO™ art Scroll back up to the top to my home image. It's just [...]