How do you know you’re ready to change jobs?

How do you know you're ready to change jobs? Aug 28, 2015145 views11 Likes2 CommentsShare on LinkedInShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Friday Afternoon Summer Musings 8/28/2015 Last week I gave my perspective on how I think sales reps should be categorized, and I sincerely appreciate all the feedback, suggestions and overall positive comments. Instead of [...]

I upgraded to Windows 10 – First Impressions

I upgraded to Windows 10 - First Impressions Friday Summer Afternoon Musings - August 7, 2015 “If it’s free, it’s for me.” is a humorous expression I added to my lexicon many years ago. And thus I jumped headfirst into the free Windows 10 Upgrade on my home desktop machine running Windows 8.1. Since this [...]

Hiring “Hunter” Sales Reps only? Go Fish!

Seems like these days, if you want to land a sales job, especially in IT, you have to convince the interviewer and/or recruiter that you have the hunter mentality. I presume this to mean that you will wake up every day, searching for every possible opportunity (LinkedIn, Existing Contacts, Inside Sales) to find leads, move them [...]